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Korea Science Week


Starting with Inter-Academy Seoul Science Forum which was launched in 2012, the Korean Academy of Science and Technology has been putting forth a special effort to “Korea Science Week” to expand its capacity to play a pivotal event in the Korean scientific community and to develop into an open event combining diverse platforms since 2017.

This coming fall, we hope to take meaningful time and to discuss and share various ideas by combining new forms and content within the framework of Korean Science Week, inviting Nobel laureates, eminent scholars, Young Scientists and Academy representatives from around the world.

Talk with Nobel Laureates
Science and Technology for Sustainable Future
2018. 10. 22.(Mon)

Inter-Academy Seoul Science Forum 2018
Science and Technology for Sustainable Future
2018. 10. 23.(Tue) ~ 24.(Wed)

The 13th Biennial IHRN Meeting
Science and the Right to Development (International Symposium)
2018. 10. 25.(Thu) ~ 27.(Sat)

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