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Talk with Nobel Laureates


“Talk with Nobel Laureates” is a half-day event hosted by the Korean Academy of Science and Technology (KAST). It will be held under the theme of “Science and Technology for Sustainable Future”. We will listen to the Nobel Laureates’ and eminent Korean scholars’ opinion, share ideas and provide an opportunity for audience to communicate with the Laureates. Nobel Laureates and Korean scientists will explore how we can tackle big issues such as health problem and inequality in Science and Technology. In order to make an in-depth discussion about the theme, we are planning to have two different sessions that will lead us to focus on the sub-titles for the sustainable future from a view of Science and Technology. Two sessions are as follows:

- Session 1: Good Health
                [SDGs #3: Good Health and Well-Being]

- Session 2: Making Science More Inclusive
                [SDGs #10: Reduced Inequalities]

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